10 Important Factors to Consider before Choosing a Web Host

Choosing a company to host your website can be a difficult choice simply because there are so many different ones out there! How do you know which one is best? There are a few things that you can look at to determine not only what one is best but what one is right for you. There are important factors to consider choosing web host; I am going to talk you through what these are.

10 Important Factors to Consider before Choosing a Web Host

1. The technical specifications:
First of all you need to take a look at your website and what you want it to do. Is it a simple blog with not much complex content or does it hold a lot of data/videos etc. You might be tempted to go with a cheap hosting company but the simple fact is that they probably won’t be able to hold as much data as a more expensive company. So do a little research, ring around different companies, ask all them technical questions and find out what kind of websites they can handle.

2. Do they offer technical support?
This point goes hand in hand with the previous one and that is what kind of technical support do they offer? If your site goes down, will there be people on their end ready to get it back up and running quickly? Research, research, research! You can do this by checking out customer reviews of the company, checking if they have 24 hour support and actually care about offering support.

3. Compare costs between companies:
Of course you want to get the most from your money so look at what different companies are offering and for how much. It is worth shopping around but before you go straight with the cheapest option, check out the company in more detail and see what they can offer you! Look at the features that are offered, a couple of dollars extra a month isn’t going to make much difference if you get what you pay for.

4. Find out what hardware the web hosting companies use:
The computers that the web hosting companies use could make all the difference in how reliable they are. If they are brand spanking new and with the times then it is likely that they will work well and be a good domain for your website. If the machines are old and outdated however, there might be more problems for you along the way.

5. Does the company offer any special add ons?
You need to look from company from company and ask yourself what makes them special? Maybe they offer domain privacy or backups regularly. Talk to the company and ask them what they can offer you? If there is nothing that makes you think your getting a good deal then keep looking.

6. What’s their area of expertise?
Next on the list of factors to considering when choosing web host is what they are used to specializing in the kind of website that you have. Some companies are more suited to small websites and some large enterprises. So ask them questions and you can help base your decision on what they tell you.

7. How do they handle email?
Emails are so important within businesses to help customers communicate with you etc. If your web hosting company does not have great email features then perhaps they are not the right ones for you.

8. Does the company have a good reputation with individuals and companies?

You can tell a lot from a company from the reviews that they get from people who have tried and tested what they have to offer. Check out review websites and pick apart what complaints/praises people have about them. People on Twitter always have a lot to say also, so simply type their name into the search bar to see what is being said.

9. Easy navigation is important:
If you are not amazing at technology then you need to make sure that your web hosting company uses software that you can use easily. Query about what they use and please take into account that ‘cPanel’ and ‘Plesk’ are fairly easy interfaces to use and you shouldn’t find them a huge problem.

10. Does the company have a desire for improvement?
All companies should always be aiming to improve and this should be true about the web hosting company that you use. You are PAYING to use them so they should always be striving to improve their customer service and drive lots of traffic to your site. Find out if your account is easily upgradeable and if they have other measures in place to improve.

By understanding these factors to consider choosing web host, you can guarantee that you will choose the right company for your website and your needs.


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6 Law Firm Social Media Marketing Tips

The law industry is a highly competitive market. There are new lawyers everyday and it is always an uphill task trying to compete with already established law firms. You need an edge that will propel your law firm forwards. You need an avenue that will ensure that you are able to make a lot of money by meeting new clients and addressing new needs. Your best bet is through social marketing.
Social media marketing is the new frontier in business advertising. It enables you to reach potential directly and in a timely fashion. You no longer have to rely on intermediate marketing tools that only reach a small proportion of your potential client base. Social media is the new home of communication and innovation. Everyone has one social media account or another. You need to jump on this bandwagon for the sake of your law firm. Here are six law firm social media marketing tips that will help you succeed in this new arena of marketing.
6 Law Firm Social Media Marketing Tips
1) You Need To Develop A Social Media Marketing Strategy
You cannot move forward unless you have established and clearly defined goals to which you are heading. You need to package these goals in a solid and all-inclusive strategy that takes note of your resource constraints and human capital capabilities. Your social media marketing strategy will inform the scope and intensity of activities that will drive your marketing campaign drive. This marketing strategy is also important because it gives your law firm a chance to scrutinize and approve of ideas presented as social media marketing goals and activities.

2) You Need To Be Consistent
Your level of consistency is directly proportional to your level of relevance in the world of social media. You cannot just create a social media account only to neglect it and concrete on other things. You need to support that social media account by providing relevant content. Keep this up and your followers on social media may easily become clients for your firm. This is because your consistency translates into reliability and being knowledgeable in the area of law.

3) You Need To Follow Your Subscribers
Those who follow your social media activities have a good reason to do so. They may be parties that are in constant need of legal advice or they may be practitioners themselves. You need to develop an interest in them. Follow their social media activities. You never know, they could easily need your legal advice one day.

4) You Need To Put Share Icons On Your Other Marketing Tools
These marketing tools include your office location, business cards, emails, brochures and website. This adds to the authenticity of the social media accounts you currently operate. It also encourages new followers and new avenues of addressing concerns. This move would encourage interactions and engagements through your social media account. It will boost your business by encouraging more potential clients to join you at first as followers on social media.

 5) You Need To Keep On Blogging
You should take good note of this point. It is critical to the success of your social media marketing. You need to deliver your intended messages to consumers and keep them interactive by delivering these messages more frequently. You can even hire a professional to do the job for you if you find yourself too busy. Keep blogging and you will not only increase your followers but you will also increase your search engine rankings and this is very good for your law firm.

6) You Need To Develop A Measure Of Social Media ROI
You cannot invest without truly knowing whether it is worthwhile. You need to develop a way of measuring this investment. The best way of doing this is by using analytical tools such as Google Analytics. These analytical tools will let you know just how many people your social media accounts refer back to your law firm’s main website. The value of your social marketing investments is greater if you have more and more referrals back to your main website.

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How your web hosting can affect your SEO

Wise entrepreneurs do not just concentrate in getting web hosting services. While trying to ensure their websites are well hosted they also have to deal with SEO issues. They make sure they understand the effect the web host can have on SEO. As a business person you must know how your web hosting can affect your SEO.
How your web hosting can affect your SEO
The choice of server location
The location of your server will definitely affect your SEO. For example if you are target the market of a specific country, then it would be advisable to have your server located in that particular country. Geographical location actually affects page rank. In addition web server location also affects the level of performance and speed of the website.

Types of websites sharing your server
In order to have a trustworthy website, it has to be located in a decent environment. SEO ranking is influenced to a large extent by the reputation of a website. If you have your website in an indecent area then clients will have doubts about your site as well. Therefore before you purchase a host ensure they forbid pornographic and spam material.

Consider having your own IP
Changing your web hosting may prove to be an uphill task. Fortunately, HostGater allows you to have a private Internet Protocol. These personal IP addresses make your website distinct from the rest. This therefore means that the negative reputations of other websites will not affect yours.

The server connection speed
Speed matters a lot when it comes to SEO ranking and driving traffic to your website. A slow website will get a poor ranking from Google. In addition visitors to your site will be annoyed if it takes too long to load. They will instead opt for site with similar content and can load much faster.

Consider downtime and up-time duration
Websites are bound to be down at certain times. This however should not be something continuous and monotonous. When your site is down, no one can access it. This means that Google will rarely know it exists. Due to this your website will automatically lose its rank in search engines, as it will be classified as unreliable. Always check the times your server is up frequently to determine if the up-time is as guaranteed by web hosting company.

Website security
If you comprehend how your web hosting can affect your SEO, then you should know the importance of web security. Website hacking is very common this days. Any breach of your site’s security can cost you so much no matter how much you had progressed in search engines. Besides that a hacker will definitely infringe customer privacy by having unauthorized access to their data and private information. Hackers can also modify your site such that visitors end up downloading viruses into their machines. This will prevent any first time visitors from making any second attempts. This is obviously not good for your web traffic which highly determines SEO rankings. It is therefore important that your web host understands the latest internet security threats.

Additional SEO features
Contract a web host that gives you SEO components. As much as most of these features can be got through your own efforts, as a starter you will probably require some assistance. This feature includes sitemap, auto index and smart redirect. This therefore implies that your chosen web host should have an administrative panel that is SEO friendly.

As much as inbound links and good content matter most in SEO, a good web hosting facility is also important. The above mentioned web hosting factors affect SEO in one or another way depending on how they are handled. Choosing a web host that supports SEO factors is mandatory to achieving the goals of your business.

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Opening a hosting account is a simple task to perform, but the real test is to maintain that hosting account properly. The tips given below would help you in achieving that objective. Some tips might need you to take the help of professional experts if you lack technical knowledge of that subject.
1. Setup Easy To Remember Email Address
It’s commonly seen that people misspell or forget even simple names. Therefore, you should choose your email address that is easy to remember and recall. Connect your mail address to your existing address that you check regularly, so that you don’t miss any email that you might receive in your hosting address.

2. Create a Home Page
For any new site it usually takes six months to get some prominence in search engine results. Therefore, you should start immediately by making a home page, which describes your websites objective. It would help websites in indexing your webpage for future searches.

3. Open an Account with Google
Whatever be the content and objective of your website, best way to communicate it with others is by using search engine. Most of the searches are carried out through Google. Therefore, its best to open a Google account and you would get additional features like access to Adsense, Adwords, etc. You should register yourself in Yahoo and Bing to get more exposure.

4. Setup a Statistics Package
Best tool for free statistical analysis of your website is Google Analytics. All you need to do is put some code in your web page/site and your statistics would start generating. You should analyze the statistics provided by your web-hosting provider. Packages like Webalizer and AW Stats are also good options. You must know that each package might give different numbers, but you should us them to analyze the trend and “unique visitors” to your site.

5. Analyzing Your Web Presence
By using tools like webmaster tool of Google, site explorer of Yahoo, and Bing toolbox of Bing, you can get much important information. You can know what search strings are behind your website’s listing in search results, how are various search engines viewing your website, etc. All you need to do is upload small file by FTP to prove you are owner of the site.

6. Submit Sitemap to Search Engines
Create a XML file listing all the pages of your website and set as reference to your site in search engines. There are many free sites that help you in creating free XML sitemap.

7. Verifying the Sub domain www.
You should type www’ in your browser with your site name to verify if you are getting same results. If not then you should create a sub domain part that uses www.’

8. Verify Robots.txt
This is a little file in text format and it conveys the message to search engines to not look into certain folders. You must have this in your website and the details on creating it are available in help articles of Google. This file is easy to create and test with the help of Webmaster Tools of Google.

9. Verify the Working of FTP
Most of the times files are uploaded to the website using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Therefore, it’s important that you should verify it is working. When using a Content Management System for your website like WordPress, then you might not need FTP that much, but it is still important to verify its working properly. You get the feature of creating more FTP accounts with separate passwords for each folder. This would help you in giving limited access to certain part of your website to a web designer.

10. Avoid Making Your Site Your Home Page
Doing this will spoil your website statistics as it would show how many time you accessed your home page through browser and not the data about number of people visiting your site. This could discourage you as the progress would look slow.

Successfully setting up a website takes plenty of planning, patience, and hard work, but the tips above would help you in starting your journey.

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Top 7 Steps to Get Higher Search Engine Position

The internet has various tools and techniques that help both small and big business compete with each other. With internet users increasing day by day, almost every company builds their own website. After having designed your website you must be of the notion your job is done. Just because you have created a website people will get attracted to it, visit it, and thus your business will soar high.
Designing a website is in fact just the first step, and you also have to make sure you have a high position in the search engine rankings. For this you need to make use of the right search engine optimization methods. You might be wondering what role does search engine optimization play, and why is it important to have a higher ranking? Well, if you have a higher search engine positioning more relevant traffic will be driven to your website, and thus your customer list will keep on increasing. Below are given 7 steps that you need to follow to get higher search engine position.
Top 7 Steps to Get Higher Search Engine Position
Select keywords:
Select the apt keywords by using tools like WordTracker, Overture and so on. Choose keywords that will help generate lots of relevant traffic to your website. If you use unique keywords you might get higher ranking, but not necessarily relevant traffic. At the same time you should not use keywords that are already too popular otherwise you will not reach anywhere close to the top rankings.

Content development:
While optimizing your site you need to do so in connection with the content that you will be putting up. Using relevant keywords you need to develop content and put it on your website. Give your website a new look using some unique ways. If you have just created your website, consider the different techniques like articles, blogging, forums and so on that you can use for back linking and optimization.

Site structure:
It is very important to have a good structure. You should create such a structure that easily gets crawled by the search engine spiders and at the same time is easy to use and attractive enough for the visitors. Decide what should be placed where and then accordingly put tags like title tag along with the suitable keywords.

Just like the way you read a book, the search engine searches for information. After someone enters a search keyword the search engine hunts for related information from the top left and continuing till the end of the page. If keywords are placed in the starting of the website, in the title tags, in the starting paragraphs and so on, it helps in better optimization. The keyword density should also be considered, which ranges from 5% to12%. It is important to use keywords, but it should be used as much as is properly readable.

Internal linking:
Internal linking also has a role to play in optimization. You might be having lots of information and you place them on different pages. You need to place links in such a way that search spiders are able to navigate easily and thus give you higher position for the relevant information you have provided in your website.

After designing and optimizing your site, you need to test it, and this is very important. Ask them to find out some information, and see how much time that takes. They might even give you their feedback about the design and the content.

Link building and submission:
Once you have designed your website completely, you next need to submit it to the article directories so that back links can be created, which will be immensely helpful in ranking or positioning. If you can find some good partners to share your links, it will help you greatly in generating traffic.


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5 Benefits of Blogging from a Junior SEO Analyst

To understand the SEO world better, it is important to note that there is a difference between a blogger and an SEO consultant/ executive/ analyst although they normally go hand in hand. There are however benefits of being both a blogger and an analyst someone who can be referred to as hybrid. As a hybrid I mix both jobs where I blog and analyze as well. Over the years, I have realized that there are numerous benefits blogging junior SEO analyst.
5 Benefits of Blogging from a Junior SEO Analyst
Ability to gather thoughts
SEO is not governed by any fast or hard rules. Of course there are some general guidelines and rules but almost everyone has their own opinion on the algorithm and opinion that is used by Big Gee to rank websites. An SEO blogger will most of the time read other SEO blogs to get an idea of what they will work with. This does not mean that they are followers but they form personal opinions on where to stand. Even when you are following, it should not be done blindly because you are supposed to understand and know the specific reasons why you are following a particular leader to reap benefits blogging junior SEO analyst.

Progress documentation and report
A SEO blog can be used to develop skill and a person as I have come to learn over the years. There is so much that you can learn from these which make it quite difficult to document any progress in terms of everything that a person has learnt when dealing with benefits blogging junior SEO analyst. Comparing the posts I had written when I first begun to what I produce today show a huge difference. This is not to say that I am an expert now but I have definitely progressed in the right direction.

Experimenting with ideas
One of the benefits of benefits blogging junior SEO analyst is that it gives you the opportunity to experiment with a number of ideas to know what will really work and what will not. This can help you learn from mistakes to come up with better posts in the future.

Reference and further clarification
When coming up with content for a personal blog, most of the time I find myself rewriting pre existing content in my own words. This is after going through the main points to understand the message the article wanted to pass across. It makes sense to publish something that will present some new information that you did not know about. This also makes it easier to internalize it because you will have used your own words to write the piece of information part of benefits blogging junior SEO analyst.

Marketing yourself
As you draft a personal blog even when not mainly focusing on SEO, it can be used as a platform to market yourself. This also adds up as one of the benefits blogging junior SEO analyst. It shows that you have a passion for the industry and it can help you get a professional SEO job while you are at it. This can help you get great clients because they see that you are already willing to write. You can improve the traffic on your site or you can also improve the Page Rank of your site with the help of seo resellers service.

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The Open Cloud: The New Necessity for IT Growth and Opportunity

web-hosting-nowCloud computing has come a long way from its beginnings, and the rising requirements for data storage, portability, scalability and usability continue to make the open cloud advantageous for businesses looking for IT growth. What was once an added bonus for a brick and mortar business is now a requirement for marketing and company revenue.

With the increase in online user engagement, IT growth is usually incorporated into business growth, and the open cloud can provide a cost efficient way for businesses to scale IT resources as well as other business resources in the same process.

Increased Resources and Better Performance

A true open cloud host only charges for the resources used. This means that any extra storage or performance power costs only a fraction of the cost of buying new servers and networking equipment. This is one reason the open cloud is taking over the virtualization market.

If IT growth is slow, the growth of the cloud resources can scale directly with that lower IT growth. Conversely, if business booms within a few years, the open cloud can also scale to a large spike in popularity. However, if IT growth is not parallel with other business departments, it can be a hindrance rather than an enabler for business revenue and sales growth.

“As a Service” Add-ons

The cloud computing industry has expanded several services that facilitate external benefits when company real estate or budget doesn’t allow for IT growth and expansion locally.

For instance, infrastructure as a service adds storage, servers and data centers to the company’s IT resources. Software as a service helps companies provision web, email and online tools in the cloud. These tools expand an IT team’s ability to service customers and give the business a wider variety of marketing and sales platforms.

In addition to better resources and services, and open cloud environment offers managed services, so the business can allow the cloud host provider to maintain and monitor the IT platforms. In other words, part of the IT contract includes using the host support team to keep the servers, databases and software solutions up-to-date and running at peak performance. When servers fail, the cloud host IT team is on top of it and provisions are made for the failing hardware. This can be done in the background, so none of the end users or business employees see the changes made to the failing service.

One aspect of the open cloud and its integration into business resources is the training required to implement and support the new platform. Any IT managers and employees should understand the platform and services offered, so the services can be added and removed as needed in the hybrid cloud. The cloud host’s support team can help build the hybrid and work with the business’ IT team to help determine the best solution for the business including the scalability concerns with IT growth.

This post is written by Rackspace blogger Jennifer Marsh. Rackspace Hosting is the service leader in cloud computing, and a founder of OpenStack, an open source cloud operating system. The San Antonio-based company provides Fanatical Support to its customers and partners, across a portfolio of IT services, including Managed Hosting and Cloud Computing.

4 Prominent SEO Techniques For 2013

It may seem impossible to have effectual search engine optimization but with a few simple techniques, you can give your website’s keywords better visibility and ranking. One thing about the Prominent SEO Techniques For 2013 is that you don’t necessarily need to have programming knowledge; they are straight forward and effective. Natural traffic to any website is important because it is not only free but also one that the site aims at. The best way to get such website traffic and boost website ranking is through application of simple, vital and effective search engine strategies. Some of these SEO techniques are:
4 Prominent SEO Techniques For 2013
Anchor texts
This refers to linking text on your website. Links connect users to a particular site or page easily and it is important to use the keywords you target as your anchor texts. If a search engine finds many links leading to your site with a certain keyword, it will assume that the site or page is about the keyword. This will drive all traffic looking for that particular keyword to your site. Another way to do this is to create variation of the keyword. Search engines give more attention to identical links hence more traffic.

Place keywords at the bottom
Search engines not only give special attention to the keywords that come into view first on the website but also those that come out last. If the website specializes in a certain product, the keywords about the product ought to come into sight at the beginning, throughout the site and at the end. One easy way to include keywords at the bottom of the site is to include them in the copyright details. This is an effective technique to attract attention of search engines that will detect the series of keywords throughout the site and drive traffic to the site.

Meta tags
There are many Meta tags that a site can use like title, description as well as keyword tags among others. The merit of using these tags is that search engines lay emphasis on them. Placing keywords much in these tags will help give a site higher ranking. It is important to balance the keywords in the tags such that they don’t come into view too much than other page contents and they relate well with the content. Use of words like ‘or’, ‘and’ and ‘or’ in the tags helps boost the keywords as well as the tags.

Place tags on all images
Search engines have features called spiders. These features cannot read pictures hence it is vital to place tags on all images in the site so that it will be easier for the search engine spiders to know what the images are all about. This is one way of enhancing density of your keywords in your site and improving its ranking generally.

It is important to merge Prominent SEO Techniques for 2013 in your website because it is the best way to make the keywords of your site prominent and entice search engines. The more attention search engines give your keywords, the better ranking your site gets.

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Hurricane Electric Adds PoP with Cologix

( The Hosting News ) –  Cologix ™, a network neutral interconnection and colocation company, announced today that  Hurricane Electric , the world’s largest IPv6-native Internet backbone, has established a point-of-presence (PoP) at  Cologix’s Dallas INFOMART data center. The new PoP, leveraging Cologix’s Standard Connections product, will enable Hurricane Electric to expand its global network reach to access demand from a new set of network customers in Dallas. With this deployment, Hurricane Electric has presence in each market across Cologix’s North American platform.
“We are continually growing our global network reach, and are pleased to take advantage of Cologix’s Standard Connections offering in Dallas,” said Reid Fishler, Hurricane Electric’s Director of Carrier Services. “Leveraging Standard Connections allows us to offer our services directly to Cologix’s growing customers base without significant risk, which creates an important on-ramp for us, given the demand we expect to see from customers moving into their newly opened facility.”
With data centers in Dallas, Minneapolis, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, Cologix provides one of North America’s largest neutral marketplaces where network operators and network buyers interconnect. Cologix offers over 300 network choices, manages thousands of interconnections and has over 550 customers that utilize Cologix’s colocation and interconnection services to scale their networks’ needs rapidly and cost-effectively. Cologix’s Standard Connections product provides a low-cost, low-risk rack unit-based Ethernet switch environment that allows customers to interconnect to any carrier or customer with a presence in Cologix’s data center.
“Hurricane Electric provides a unique set of network services that are often requested from customers across our North American platform and we are happy to introduce them as a provider option for our customers in the INFOMART,” stated Rob DeVita, General Manager, Cologix Dallas. “We believe Hurricane Electric’s deployment is an excellent model of how to leverage our Standard Connections product to expand a network’s addressable market.”
About Cologix, Inc.
Cologix, Inc. is a network neutral interconnection and colocation company headquartered in Denver, Colorado, that provides massively scalable interconnection services and secure, reliable colocation services in densely connected, strategically located facilities in Dallas, Minneapolis, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. With more than 300 network choices and eleven prime interconnection locations, Cologix currently serves over 550 carrier, managed services, cloud, media, content, financial services and enterprise customers. The company’s experienced team of communications infrastructure professionals is committed to providing its customers the highest standard of local customer support. For more information about Cologix, please visit the company’s website at  http://www.cologix.com .
About Hurricane Electric
Fremont, California-based Hurricane Electric operates its own global IPv4 and IPv6 network and is considered the largest IPv6 backbone in the world as measured (visit site) by number of networks connected. Hurricane Electric offers IPv4 and IPv6 transit solutions over the same connection at speeds exceeding 10 Gbps. Within its global network, Hurricane Electric is connected to 60 major exchange points and exchanges traffic directly with more than 2,700 different networks. Employing a resilient fiber-optic topology, Hurricane Electric has no less than four redundant paths crossing North America, two separate paths between the U.S. and Europe, and rings in Europe and Asia. In addition to its vast global network, Hurricane Electric owns and operates two data centers in Fremont, California, including Hurricane’s newest facility: the 208,000 ft2 Fremont 2. For additional information on Hurricane Electric, please visit  http://www.he.net .
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OnRamp Sponsors Texas Technology Summit

( The Hosting News ) – OnRamp Access, a  data center services provider headquartered in Austin, Texas announced today its sponsorship of the upcoming Texas Technology Summit in Houston, April 17th, 2013. OnRamp will showcase its colocation, managed hosting, private clouds, disaster recovery and high security hosting offerings in exhibition at Booth #215. The conference and exhibition will center around the question: “What is the IT landscape going to look like in 5 years?” and will focus on topics including: Mobility, Hardware Refreshes, Apps, Cloud & Automation, SaaS, http://www.3ix.org/ the Evolving IT Staff, and Security.
In response to the Texas Technology Summit’s central question, OnRamp’s Founder, Chad Kissinger, remarked “in the next five years, we anticipate the IT landscape will change in a number of ways. A stand out feature will likely involve a new model we are already starting to see; the integration of self-hosted and cloud-delivered software and applications to create a blend of services. This will not only impact the business environment, but will create an even greater need for partnerships with data center providers.”
In addition to showcasing the company’s data center services, OnRamp will be highlighting its recent growth. The opening of OnRamp’s second data center facility, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the recent announcement of plans to build a third, 42,000 square foot, facility neighboring its primary site in Austin, are among the highlights since the start of the year. Much of OnRamp’s growth can be attributed to its HIPAA compliant hosting solutions which leverage the company’s core competencies as a data center business to ensure the adequate protection of electronic protected health information (e-PHI). The healthcare industry’s push for highly secure electronic patient records was a driving force in OnRamp’s development of solutions to service this industry.

Registration for the 2013 Texas Technology Summit is now open; anyone interested may register by visiting http://machaoncorp.com/reg/?ee=5 .
About Texas Technology Summit
The 4th Annual Texas Technology Summit at Houston Texas Reliant Center Room 300, provides a staging ground for conversations among Business Professionals involving the progression of information technology and the changing IT Security landscape. With educational sessions, peer networking opportunities, think tank workshops, an exhibit hall with 60+ vendors, and much more, the Texas Technology Summit provides the perfect platform for business and IT professionals that driving the technological innovation.
About OnRamp
OnRamp was founded in 1994 in Austin, TX. As one of Texas’ first Internet Operations companies, OnRamp’s history is rooted in providing reliable and secure connectivity that enables distributed computing. Today, OnRamp is a data center operations company that delivers a full suite of  colocation ,  cloud computing ,  high security hosting and disaster recovery services backed by Full7Layer Support, to help customers build, deploy and manage data center operations at each and every layer.
For the original article OnRamp Sponsors Texas Technology Summit (as well as some extra pictures and also video) and to find extra written content of a similar nature, have a look at: http://www.thehostingnews.com/onramp-sponsors-texas-technology-summit-28223.html