Question: Why Should You Give Your Best Content Away?


In order to succeed on the internet you have to have good content. Whether you write a blog about nature or you sell petroleum jelly on a web site, if you don’t have content that people want to read, then you will never have the success you are hoping for.

While almost everyone knows that good content is important to develop a website’s following, a lot of people do not realize that there is a great benefit to giving this content away.

A Good Idea Which Doesn’t Make Sense

Giving away content that you worked hard for or paid a lot of money for may not make a lot of sense at first glance, but that is probably because you are not looking at it the right way. Take a moment to think about what you would do if you read a great guest post on your favorite blog.

Would you simply shrug your shoulders and think “nice post?” maybe but what it also true is that you may also decide to go look at the blog the guest poster generally writes for. Believe it or not this is the entire purpose for guest blogging to begin with.

Sharing of Ideas Builds Authority

content-writingBack in the early days of blogging, everyone was looking for a way to get their blog noticed. It wasn’t too long before a couple of people who read each others blogs came up with the idea of writing a post for one another. By doing this both blogs were able to reap mutually beneficial rewards by increasing their readership.

While this is an incredibly simple concept, so many people overlook it because they are afraid to give their content away. This is understandable. After all, that content is your property and something you worked to create, but instead of looking at sharing as losing something, try looking at sharing as gaining something.

Here is a serious question for you: What good is the best content in the world if no one is reading it?

The truth is that unless someone is reading your content, it can be the best stuff ever written and it won’t make a difference. For content to be of use to you, it has to be read. So while you might be afraid to share your best content with another site, you really don’t have anything to lose by doing it.

By guest posting on another blog or by getting something you wrote posted to another site you are increasing the exposure of your writing and this is a good thing. You worked hard to generate that content. You put your time, effort and sometimes money into making sure that you had content that was worth reading.

For this reason it makes all the sense in the world to share it with other people. True, Shakespeare would have been a great writer had he decided to never show another person his work, but ask yourself this. If Shakespeare had kept it all to himself, would you know who he is several hundred years after he died?

Great content has lasting appeal and should be shared.

Theresa Gomez is a long time blog writer who believes in giving away information as a way of creating relationships. She also believes in “How to Create a Website” as a way to get started on the right foot for success.

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